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The largest showroom in Durango is located where the Train crosses Main.

Smart Enterprises is Durango’s one-stop shopping place for all your glass and home accessory needs. We offer auto glass replacement and repair services. We are authorized by all insurance companies. Just give us a call and our certified installers will make everything else easy.

We can take care of your house, too. From custom installation of windows, screens, and awnings,  to decorative mirrors, custom showers doors, and tub enclosures, Smart Enterprises can help you make your house a home. Visit our showroom to see life size displays of our many products.

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Monica and Jake Wagner with their children Logan and  Kaylyn

lt all  started 19 years ago...........................

Monica grew up in a small town in northern San Diego , County ( Fallbrook ,the avocado capital of the world)  . We know this to be true because everytime she goes home we get boxes of the best avocados from her family's property. She  moved to Durango right out of highschool and started to work at Smart Enterprises.

She  lives on a family ranch  next to her amazing  in-laws  with her husband Jake and two children . A perfect fit for Monica. The most important things to her are her family and farming.  She has an amazing garden every year. We are never surprised by what she can do. Growing, canning, couponing , dehydrating and she even makes her own laundry soap. She is a chicken farmer and supplies us all with wonderful fresh eggs.

On occasion she actually takes a real vacation.  Her most memorable one  she refers to as the"baby moon" vacation in San Felipe, Baja California with her husband and parents. It was a beautiful time relaxing on the beach with family. We all know if you live in Durango you need some beach time every once in awhile.

It is no surprise she has a bucket list. She wants to take the whole family to Italy. Also the two items that never change on her list are to become totally self sufficient at home by using solar power. greenhouse production and  have sustainable water sources.

Monica wants her children to become successful happy adults and know how to live off the land. We think she is doing a great job.

We know those qualities carry into her job. Monica is the go to person for helping a customer find just what they are looking for. It could be a spa, a spa part or a fireplace. She is very knowledgeable and customers really appreciate how she takes  that extra step for them.

When you meet Monica you will not be surprised by her favorite quote: "Why fit  in when you were born to stand out?"  a quote from Dr. Seuss of course!



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