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Caldera, Nordic and Dimension One Hot Tubs

Our showroom has several models to choose from, some are even filled with water and you can try them out!

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Comfort and Performance by Caldera:

Hot Tub Circuit Therapy ®

One of the biggest benefits of an at home spa is having ready access to hydrotherapy. The seats of a Caldera® spa are set up as a hydromassage circuit – spa jets work on specific muscle groups that hold tension. So at the end of the day, you can massage stress away without leaving home.

Nordic Hot Tubs :

The Robb Report chose the Nordic Crown Hot Tub among the 5 best spas in the world 

…at half the price of the others!


Aquatic Fitness System

Hot Tub and Spa Innovation

Passion for innovation has driven D1 for more than three decades. We believe that it will never be enough to do what we have  always done, or simply copy what others are doing. With innovations that improve your experience in the water, in the appearance of your backyard, in your hot tub’s intuitive operation, and with our environmentally friendly products, we create a retreat………………
a backyard where you melt away your muscle tension and mental worries. Click the tabs below to find out why we’re the innovation leader.

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