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The largest showroom in Durango is located where the Train crosses Main.

Smart Enterprises is Durango’s one-stop shopping place for all your glass and home accessory needs. We offer auto glass replacement and repair services. We are authorized by all insurance companies. Just give us a call and our certified installers will make everything else easy.

We can take care of your house, too. From custom installation of windows, screens, and awnings,  to decorative mirrors, custom showers doors, and tub enclosures, Smart Enterprises can help you make your house a home. Visit our showroom to see life size displays of our many products.

What's New with D1 Spas

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The only tub with jetted adjustable  pillows!


The Sojourn

The Sojourn

Click the popular Sojourn model to learn more....The @Home Collection combines affordable style, quality, and performance. Whether for relaxing, family fun, wellness or romance, our @Home Collection offers something for everyone.


There are so many different fitness options available to us today that it can often be overwhelming. You may be thinking, which diet works best? Which fitness plan can I actually stay consistent with? How can I protect an injury and get fit at the same time? The gym can be an intimidating place to get into shape as well with fit people walking around in their perfect spandex bodies, and barely breaking a sweat. Wouldn’t it be nice to workout in the privacy of your own home? Swimspas have become a popular solution for this niche.

A swimspa is a pool replacement as well as an underwater gym. It can be installed below or above ground in your backyard and provides a powerful current to swim against. The AquaFit line from Dimension One Spas includes four models of swimspas from the super sporty 13 foot AquaFit Sport to the luxurious 19 foot dual-temp AquaFit Plus that includes a hot tub attached. This patented swimspa line allows you to jog, swim, row, stretch, strength train and cool down.

Circuit training is the best way to keep your heart at it’s targeted rate and burn fat fast. Circuit training in water is an even more effective way to exercise as each movement requires you to push water. The density of water is about 1000 times that of air so you must work harder to move your limbs. Due to the resistance of water, your movements are slow and more precise. This means you are working your muscles more efficiently. Exercising in a swimspa creates lean, strong muscles in a low impact environment.


If you do have injuries, water will support them gently while you do a rigorous workout. Working out in a swimspa helps reduce swelling in joints, helps increase range of motion, and the warmth, buoyancy and 3-dimensional support of water provides a safe environment for someone who has balance challenges.


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